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Friday, October 07, 2005

have your cake, and drive it too.

The Governor of Montana outlines the way forward to a back-to-the-future technology wherein the American lifestyle and urban planning become insulated from the current costs and geostrategic risk of oil. Further comments by the Governor here.

Still I hope the synfuel technology is as mature as he says it is; it might be a decades-long dodge of the peak oil problem. I'm more interested in the possibilities of hot-rock energy though. In Australia alone, the energy reserves in the Cooper Basin in South Australia has been pegged at the equivalent of 50 billion barrels of oil. Scaling up operation of this source could conceivably switch off every coal fired power station in the country for a very, very long time:

About 11% of these [hot rock] energy resources, or 2.5 million petajoules, or more than 800 times the current annual demand for electricity in Australia, are thought to be in granite rock which is the most favoured host rock for heat extraction.

Mmmm, cake. It's renewable, it's cheap, its CO2-free, it's perfect for baseload generation unlike solar and wind, and best of all, it isn't yellow.


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