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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

order in the court

The absolutely cracking afrobeat outfit Antibalas released a bold as brass, dragnet-flavoured tune in 2004 by the name of 'Indictment', in which the first line is:

Order in the court!

Karl G. Rove! Indictment!

Last time I got a belt of this it was in a crowd of people screaming along to the band live in the Black Cat in DC in the fevered days of the 04 campaign.

Tonight it's time to take it slow, settle back in your chair, set the mood by getting an earful of this gorgeous discordant monster yourself, (Indictment by Antibalas), and get your fitzmas on.

Today's the day, so they say. My trousers are damp and BOY I'm excited.


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