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Friday, October 21, 2005

the price of failure

Back in August, I said:

The ethnic and religious factions in Iraq might be about to kick off one of the worst civil wars we’ve seen in a decade... and with such instability (and likely loss of two million barrels at day to the world’s oil supply) within two to five years the US will have to be right back where it has been since 1991: with a huge military garrison presence in Saudi Arabia. To our eyes this is the ultimate guarantor of Saudi stability and with it global oil supply. To other eyes, it’s an infidel military presence in the land of two shrines that, along with the Palestinian issue, gave fuckers like Bin Laden and his associates the blinding fury to carry them across the world and into the lives and bodies of innocent people at six hundred miles an hour.

Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell as Secretary of State, thinks it's worse than that:

We can’t leave Iraq. We simply can’t. I can make that case. No one in this administration has made that case. They have simply pontificated. That’s all they’ve done. Now, I’m not evaluating the decision to go to war. That’s a different matter. But we’re there, we’ve done it, and we cannot leave. I would submit to you that if we leave precipitously or we leave in a way that doesn’t leave something there we can trust, if we do that, we will mobilize the nation, put 5 million men and women under arms and go back and take the Middle East within a decade. That’s what we’ll have to do.

If you've got a few minutes, the transcript of his speech on Wednesday makes for very interesting reading. Even beyond the very deliberate comments about the US government being in the hands of a dysfunctional cabal, which we've heard before from folks like Sy Hersh.


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