mr. zilla goes to town

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

pointing a few things out

1. Yes, I really should get around to telling you all about the exciting past few weeks, but that's best put under the heading of "when lunch comes to town" in a post forthcoming. I hope.

2. Burning the candle at just one end really is just wasting half the candle.

3. But try telling that to the silvery hairs that appear at your temples after a few months of (2), which are the sure sign you're falling down the final few months to age 30 and not 20. At least the primordial urges to buy real estate haven't kicked in yet.

4. Nevertheless, (3) is put in the shade and (2) is paid in spades when an example of the kind of thing stopping you getting around to (1) is when a girl runs up to the DJ booth and asks you to write the name of a track on her, um, skin. Killer by Boozou Bajou, take a bow.

(Oh alright it was her arm, but didn't you think it was saucier when you didn't know that?)