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Friday, December 30, 2005

the four worlds formed, again and yet again

Yobbo is always worth an occasional look in, but it's this tidbit of news that has the thirteen-year-old in me excited today:

A new version of the popular 70s series “Saiyuki” (Monkey) is to be broadcast from January 9 on Fuji TV, and will be the first Japanese drama to be shown at the same time in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. The show will feature SMAP star Katori Shingo in the lead role, supported by comedy duo Uchan Nanchan’s Uchimura Teruyoshi.

The show is sponsored by JAL and the PR event was held at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport yesterday. JAL unveiled a jet decorated with Katori’s Songoku character from the drama, a historical first. The theme song, “Around The World” is to be sung by the group Monkey Majik, made up of two Canadian brothers and two Japanese.

Ms Z, a SMAP watcher from way back, also excited.


  • Joy!

    Oh, hold on... the new Astroboy and Battle of the Planets weren't fantastic. Perhaps I shouldn't get my hopes up. Couldn't bear to spoil my bamboo staff-wielding childhood memories.

    By Blogger Dean, at 4:56 pm  

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