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Monday, January 23, 2006

don't mind if I do

I think if we're going to survive the mass culture world we live in, it behooves us to create. Yes really, bloody behooves. That's the damn word and the only word that sockets into my mind when I think about this.

At first I thought it was a way to survive, of escaping the slow fatality of consumption for something both higher and lower: the class of producer, not consumer. One whose choices are not chosen for them. He who writes scripts is more than the sum of his choices between the red shoe and the blue shoe. She who puts paint on canvas or light through a lens is more alive than the red or the blue. They who read, blog, ingest, synthesize, mix, remix, secrete and excrete their culture back at the world are more in control of how they relate to it. They who think about the lives in centuries past thrown willingly on the gears of the satanic mills to give us a mere eight hour day, revulse at millions of lifetimes each year spent motionlessly enthralled to a glowing, flickering, marketing delivery system.

But you know, I think it's not a dichotomy between being a producer or a consumer. The person who is one without the other must be one in a ten million: Mozart writing tunes stolen straight from the tongues of gods. We all have a choice though between active and passive consumption, and engaging in that more forcefully than reaching for the remote.

So let's all think. Talk. Write. Create. Do.

Choosing the time and place of our battles is surely the secret of our self-defence.


  • We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.
    such simplicity, such conviction.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:58 am  

  • You are all stoned. The only life philosophy I need can be found on pages 1-32 of today's Daily Mail. It's very simple really, none of this beehooves shit, just asylum seekers and gypsies. Get rid of them, my friends, and a veritable utopia will be ours (and ours alone) to despoil.

    By Blogger The Capgras Delusion, at 4:34 pm  

  • I think your posterior cerebral lesions are acting up again, cappy. Have you tried applying some betadine?

    By Blogger mister z, at 5:39 pm  

  • Mmmmm... betadine and its yellowy goodness. fortified with iodine!

    By Blogger The Capgras Delusion, at 9:07 pm  

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