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Sunday, January 15, 2006

homage to Catalonia

If you enjoy reading a historically thorough, useful and measured travelogue of a European city, then you might like to head over to the list of travelogues written by my very good friend and Igougo 2005 member of the year, Owen Lipsett. Since Owen hasn't yet put pen to keyboard on Barcelona and the nearby Catalonian region, here are a couple of less erudite words and a few pictures.

Getting out from under the eternal low grey cloud and mid-afternoon nightfall of the English winter, and into a mediterranean latitude with 93 minutes-per-day longer between sunrise and sunset was brilliant: the brilliance of actual colour and solar illumination. Blue! Purple! Green! Vitamin-fortified fruit loops for the optic nerve.

A Gaudi's eye view through one of his fountains in Park Guell, atop the city.

About 90 minutes by train north is Figueres, the birthplace of Salvador Dali, and home to Dali's mausoleumuseum. A day inside this building no doubt contributed in some way to my state of mind when posting last Friday night!


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