mr. zilla goes to town

Monday, February 27, 2006

love at first snippet

I've got a crush on a French hairdresser.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

i predict a riot

It's the anti-vivisectionists versus the anti-anti-vivisectionists, at high noon in Broad Street today.

I hope there are no offensive cartoons involved or things could really get ugly.

Continued. Damn. Just your usual lot of people having a bit of a shout. Bloody ingrained culture of tolerance and free speech, that's what a couple of hundred years of democratizing (and three hundred Thames Valley Police deployed around the town) will do for you. Well done to the anti-vivisectionists for having better team play on the day, louder chants and more whistles in operation -- still, they've had a few more years practice. Top marks to the up and coming anti-anti-vivisectionists though, for having about double the number of players pull on the jumper and stomp about the town, and having a beaut "Vegetarians Against the ALF" banner for the first LCCCXVIII to run through.

Monday, February 20, 2006

don't ask, don't tell.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, in the spirit of open government, there’s a small accumulated backlog of information we thought it necessary to drop on the doormat while you’re off getting your knickers in a twist about Vice-President Cheney’s admirable but patently misguided efforts to personally see off the threat of the H5N1 virus from the American Homeland.

Electro is the new house;
Big room rinse out is the new bog room trance;
Jazz is the new nujazz;
Brokenbeat is the new breaks;
Funk is the new funk;
Reggae just is; and
Apparently, wearing nail polish keeps your hands warmer.

Thank you. You may now return to your scheduled crises du jour. Seriously, you can live on this planet with a y chromosome in your pants for a few weeks shy of three decades, and keep tabs on all the things that strike you as important, but there are some things it just never occurs to you to ask. What else aren't they telling us?

So while you're thinking about that, press this big happy pink button for some spankin' new thinkin' music. Or some thunkin' new spankin' music, if you prefer.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

remember guantanamo?

A high percentage, perhaps the majority, of the 500-odd men now held at Guantanamo were not captured on any battlefield, let alone on "the battlefield in Afghanistan" (as Bush asserted) while "trying to kill American forces" (as McClellan claimed).

Fewer than 20 percent of the Guantanamo detainees, the best available evidence suggests, have ever been Qaeda members.

Many scores, and perhaps hundreds, of the detainees were not even Taliban foot soldiers, let alone Qaeda terrorists. They were innocent, wrongly seized noncombatants with no intention of joining the Qaeda campaign to murder Americans.

The majority were not captured by U.S. forces but rather handed over by reward-seeking Pakistanis and Afghan warlords and by villagers of highly doubtful reliability.

Details at National Journal. When idiots publish deliberately inflammatory and insulting cartoons in the news, how predictable is it in this kind of climate that other idiots will go a bit na na? We've all got the universal (some would say god-given) right to choose to be proper twats, of that there's no doubt. Some days you just wish that less people would go down that road.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

winter of discontent

You would think that as friends and readers you would be spared the worst when I come down with a cold. Separated by a few or a few thousand miles, you don't have to sit by and put up with the sniffling, the nose blowing, the strepsil-sucking, the strepsil-chomping, the tossing and turning, the tickling in the chest that erupts into a stutter of coughs like an engine on a cold morning. All these are a royal pain in the arse and and make me just a charm to be around, and as they're going into their sixth day now there's no doubt that you're fortunate to be at more than arm's length. Particularly since there are about half a dozen tissues within arms length at the moment. Eww.

Now I wouldn't want you to feel I didn't love you all enough to include you in this where I can, so it's fortunate that the worst symptom of all without a doubt is the awful self-pitying male-pattern moaning and complaing about it all, that I seem to have about as much control over as a leaky nose. My god, it is pathetic to behold. Still, since I've got to drag myself out to the shops for more lemsip -- and probably into the office as well for a few hours -- maybe just take the rest of it as read, yeah? Cheers.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

pop will whip itself

via Fat Planet:

the five original members of devo get together in a studio, re-record their back catalogue with one main difference - the vocals are performed by a 12-year old girl called nicole, and the band are now dev2.0. the end result - dev2.0 seem to “belong” to disney, they are the new monkees, five 10-13 y.o.s mousketeers, making new videos to accompany old devo tracks. there’s even two brand new devo tracks on the album, released with a companion dvd on march 14. i’m simultaneously appalled and tickled red raw at the same time.

You can download the video from Disney and watch it here. And for some other froth and bubble video malarkey, go watch Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum liken putting a bumper sticker on your car to serving in the armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tch, crazy kids!