mr. zilla goes to town

Saturday, February 25, 2006

i predict a riot

It's the anti-vivisectionists versus the anti-anti-vivisectionists, at high noon in Broad Street today.

I hope there are no offensive cartoons involved or things could really get ugly.

Continued. Damn. Just your usual lot of people having a bit of a shout. Bloody ingrained culture of tolerance and free speech, that's what a couple of hundred years of democratizing (and three hundred Thames Valley Police deployed around the town) will do for you. Well done to the anti-vivisectionists for having better team play on the day, louder chants and more whistles in operation -- still, they've had a few more years practice. Top marks to the up and coming anti-anti-vivisectionists though, for having about double the number of players pull on the jumper and stomp about the town, and having a beaut "Vegetarians Against the ALF" banner for the first LCCCXVIII to run through.


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