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Monday, March 27, 2006

the money or the gun?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this ad in the sidebar of a conservative blog:

With yet another successful election, time may be running out to buy the New Iraqi Dinar before it hits the open market. It's now unbelievably affordable. The same amount that was once equal to over $82,000 can now be purchased for around $45. But, what happens when the oil really starts to flow?

Yes that's right - the Iraq currency has fallen to less than 0.05% of it's previous value. Which can mean only one thing, right? There's never been a better time to buy! Not only will you be getting in at the bottom of the market, but your savvy speculation is also demonstrating your confidence in the ability of the free Iraqi people to triumph over terror and build a prosperous market democracy in the heart of the middle east!

... Or at least that's what the advertisment from the scammers at Bet On Iraq would like you suckers to believe. has more.


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