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Monday, April 24, 2006

decisions, decisions

You might want to go read George Packer's excellent article in the New Yorker that gives you the nuts and bolts of why the US has failed to get to grips with stabilizing Iraq, despite having people on the ground with the skills and passion to do so.

You could also listen to this week's ABC Background Briefing documenting the decay of democratic accountability in Australia's vital quarantine regulations in favour of adherence to WTO and FTA free-trade strictures.

That, or skip straight to listening to a few apologetic speeches by George Bush that just happen to have come from the brains and pencils of seven year olds. I love the one about lowering the prices of kids in orphanages. (But not in a creepy way.)

Whatever you want out there in the internets, you expect them all to come through the internet pipe the same. It's only repressive regimes that might want to block your access to particular content, or stop you having the full spectrum of choice of whatever search engine you want to use, right?

Not quite. What if your ISP has a financial interest in degrading your access to one site or service in preference to another? This trend is arguably the beginning of the end of the internet. So the thought for the day today is 'net neutrality'.


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