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Friday, April 07, 2006

this is how the magic happens

Just in case any ravers have the wrong tickets, Pearl Jam forbid the sale of glowsticks at their shows. For Pavarotti, there must be no flowers, not one, anywhere backstage. And especially not in the mandatory golf cart.

INXS require two masseurs, a table-tennis table, and a bottle of beaujolias. Frank Sinatra needed everything edible from lifesavers to chicken soup and dijon mustard and a serious bar list, while Jerry Springer expects neither alcohol nor pork, just pina-colada scented fog juice.

50 Cent's catering order includes a box of "Rough Riders" condoms - try not to think about that too hard - but that's put in it's place by James Brown's requirement for a full 186 inches of stretch.

All this and many more in The Smoking Gun's Backstage Pass archive. Now go procrastinate!


  • I wonder what 'Augie March' would want? A teaspoon of whimsy, a bottle of tonic water (ie. 'it's like gin with nothing else in') and a polaroid camera?!

    By Anonymous BridgeGirl, at 12:49 am  

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