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Friday, May 26, 2006

trials & tribulations

On Wednesday morning I tried to brush my teeth. Usually I don't find this too challenging. But on this special day, I spectacularly fumbled the toothbrush before it could get to my mouth, and sent it spiralling across the room and straight into the toilet bowl. Blip!

Until I get this sorted out, graduate past having a cork on my fork again, stop getting a furrow in my brow when I realise I've written 'latpot' on a sticky note when I meant laptop, deliver a few Key Deliverables, and buy some travel insurance, it may be a little quiet here over the next few weeks.


  • hey man, so i finally got back to the uk and managed to suck your latest podcast off the interweb.

    you really excelled yourself man, amazing. every track brought a smile to my face. the reggae one ain't bad neither.

    end of sycophantic guff.

    By Blogger The Capgras Delusion, at 11:55 pm  

  • I hope you bought a new toothbrush and didn't feel the need for a fishing expedition! :P S-W

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:41 am  

  • wicked mate! glad you enjoyed it.swing by the pot sometime - there's a new (and much more sociable) DJ-setup arrangement :)

    SW -- well I did get a new toothbrush yes, but it's true, I did go find some worms in the garden and while away a few peaceful hours sitting by the loo drinking beer and dangling a line before I landed the sucker.

    By Blogger mister z, at 9:06 am  

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