mr. zilla goes to town

Saturday, October 28, 2006

throw the bastards out

One could go on and on about the scandals and failures of the past six years; to document them all would take . . . well, it would take more than ninety-three fucking days, that's for sure. But you can boil the whole sordid mess down to a few basic concepts. Sloth. Greed. Abuse of power. Hatred of democracy. Government as a cheap backroom deal, finished in time for thirty-six holes of the world's best golf. And brains too stupid to be ashamed of any of it. If we have learned nothing else in the Bush years, it's that this Congress cannot be reformed. The only way to change it is to get rid of it.

Rolling Stone's five step guide to being the worst congress ever.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Of cheese dreams & stranger things

Look, Ms Z and I just had to have a 7.15am conference on the curious incident of some decidedly barmy dreams in the nighttime -- mine which involved the geographical relocation of Wales to border upon Austria, from wherein a tiny mountain village in the far east one could press a small button marked "Train to Zlotky, dinner and Madonna: £13", visit the San Francisco Bay Bridge-sized unworld caverns beneath the train station in seach of a loo on the provided tandem bicycle, and decide which small stone marker one would choose to eternally expire by in order that your family would receive a pint of flavoured yogurt, and Ms Z's which involved a mixture of outright sleep-laughing and orca noises -- but none of the above is as ludicrous as this story.

The moral of the story: you can march in lockstep to war with them, you can sign away your quarantine laws to them in the name of free trade, and still a sixty year alliance relationship counts for nothing with this Bush administration. The only appropriate response is to recall the ambassador. (Though I suspect that even now he's downstairs in the second sub-basement of 1601 Mass Ave, arm wrestling with the Defence Attache over the precious black-gold contents of the latest diplomatic baggie, and can't come to the phone).

Also, don't eat greek feta & capers risotto too close to bedtime.

Friday, October 13, 2006

money where the mouthing off is

Sure, there's a twenty point differential in favour of the Democrats in polling at the moment. But they're usually based on a small sample (usually about a thousand) run nationwide, and not necessarily reflective of where the swing seats will go. But this makes it kinda official where the conventional wisdom lies - the Iowa Electronic Markets reflect a pool of people putting a stake on the upcoming congressional election. And the price of buying stock in 'Democratic House/GOP Senate' just exceeded 'GOP House/GOP Senate' for only the second time this year.

Yay. Now don't fuck it up, Democrats.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

axis of failure

Iraq: A war of choice, on a series of false pretexts, and over half a million dead.

Iran: Their nearest strategic rival has been eliminated, opening the doors to regional preeminence. And blind US belligerence only legitimizes their hardline government... and their nuclear ambitions.

North Korea: It didn't have to be this way.

Any way you look at it, it's an axis of miserable failure.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

hot competition

I recently had the misfortune of some exposure to the recent Robbie Williams single, Rudebox.

Watch the video if you have to, but at least turn the sound off. At least Robbie has the decency to barely show up in the clip - I think he's embarrased to put his face to it. Seriously, this tune might even eclipse the world record for instantly turning the listener from ignorant indifference to visceral distaste, a mark set at 0.3 seconds in 2000 by the Artful Dodger and Craig David.