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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Of cheese dreams & stranger things

Look, Ms Z and I just had to have a 7.15am conference on the curious incident of some decidedly barmy dreams in the nighttime -- mine which involved the geographical relocation of Wales to border upon Austria, from wherein a tiny mountain village in the far east one could press a small button marked "Train to Zlotky, dinner and Madonna: £13", visit the San Francisco Bay Bridge-sized unworld caverns beneath the train station in seach of a loo on the provided tandem bicycle, and decide which small stone marker one would choose to eternally expire by in order that your family would receive a pint of flavoured yogurt, and Ms Z's which involved a mixture of outright sleep-laughing and orca noises -- but none of the above is as ludicrous as this story.

The moral of the story: you can march in lockstep to war with them, you can sign away your quarantine laws to them in the name of free trade, and still a sixty year alliance relationship counts for nothing with this Bush administration. The only appropriate response is to recall the ambassador. (Though I suspect that even now he's downstairs in the second sub-basement of 1601 Mass Ave, arm wrestling with the Defence Attache over the precious black-gold contents of the latest diplomatic baggie, and can't come to the phone).

Also, don't eat greek feta & capers risotto too close to bedtime.


  • Excellent, Mister Z, excellent! I particularly like the whole "fever dream" analogy. (Reminiscent of "Fahrenheit 9/11" - though I wouldn't demean your fine blog by comparing it to the work of anyone whose oeuvre includes "Canadian Bacon.")

    I hope my George Best story is further grist for your comedic mill :-)

    By Blogger Another Law Blogger, at 6:15 pm  

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