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Friday, November 03, 2006

I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor

The horror.

The horror.

The horror:
An American general in Baghdad called Iraq a "work of art" in progress yesterday in one of the most extraordinary attempts by the US military leadership to put a positive spin on the worsening violence.

On a day in which 49 people were killed or found dead around the country, Major General William Caldwell, the chief military spokesman, argued that Iraq was in transition, a process that was "not always a pleasant thing to watch."

"Every great work of art goes through messy phases while it is in transition. A lump of clay can become a sculpture. Blobs of paint become paintings which inspire," Maj Gen Caldwell told journalists in Baghdad's fortified green zone.


  • I like that as scores of innocent men women and children are killed everyday being compared to a work of art. I suppose the blood guts and brains on the sidewalks of Iraq could be considered a work of art by some. I consider it an injustice that will haunt us for a hundred years as the children of the dead seek revenge.

    San Jose

    By Anonymous DonPato, at 2:32 am  

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