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Friday, November 03, 2006

tim blair = a wally, tim blair = a wally

Say, Mr Lambert, do you mind if I borrow your piñata?

Clever clogs climatologist and master logician Tim Blair thinks its inconsistent that I loathe the crappy weather and lack of daylight hours in the English winter, but at the same time also aren't real keen on us givin' the jandal to climate change.

Which, it's expected, will make Britan colder due to the disruption of the Gulf Stream.

Zing zowie kapow! Got me, Blair! I repent!

But seriously, what could prompt a blogger of such stature to take a clumsy swing at this minnow? Well, because I called his position on climate change petulant and idiotic in a thread over at RTS. In case you don't read Blair's blog, and there's no reason why you would except for the occasional pith and vinegar, this is what he said on the issue:

“There is one position even more morally culpable than failing to take preventative measures, and I’m proud to say it’s mine: encouraging the continued (and increased) consumption of fossil fuels.”

Man, the only argument to be had is whether this guy is a turkey or a plastic turkey.


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