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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the accountability 10-minute-moment

Yeah yeah. Abu Gonzales, unwarranted wiretaps, radical politicization of the Department of Justice, underminings of the underpinnings of the very rule of law in the United States.


Come warm yourself by the fire and watch GSA muppet Lurita Doan feel the chinese water torture of congressional oversight. Maybe it's just because I used to have to be at Senate Estimates hearings in Canberra, so this gives me a right old laugh.

Seriously though... I just spent a three weeks in Kenya where it's been estimated that 8% of GDP gets flushed down the toilet due to corruption, and by some measures this is one of the better countries in Africa. Entrenched political corruption is the very reason DFID are about to pour GBP 100 million at NGOs - 85% of which pass to southern partner organisations - for their Governance and Transparency Fund later this year.

This video is shocking to me because we're seeing something so shameless in the USA, finally exposed to a little sunlight after over half a decade of the Republican congress's wilful ignorance and coverups. So fuck you very much for lowering the bar so far.


  • Hilariously - the first comment below this video on YouTube is:
    "You could earn $200 to $1000+ every day working as little as 30 minutes like me, see how on [website redacted]". Perhaps an invitation to join in similar corrupt activities?

    By Blogger Owen, at 2:03 pm  

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